Socially Responsible Investment

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Investment is a crucial part of reaching your financial goals. If your debt is under control and you have an emergency fund set aside the next step is buying assets that will provide an adequate return over your investing time horizon. Most people get advised to just buy a mutual fund that is a blend of all the stocks in the market. However why should you have to invest in causes that you don’t believe in? Many of these companies are massive polluters, exploit their workers, or sell addictive products like tobacco. It is possible to screen out investments that don’t align with your set of morals. My belief is that if people invest in socially responsible assets, we will have a more positive connection to our money, be less likely to sell if things get rocky, and more likely to make a higher return in the long run.

Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) is the broad term for investing in assets that have a positive social impact. The movement is gaining popularity particularly among young investors. More and more people are taking a stand and not putting their money into companies that pollute our environment, make addictive substances, or profit off of endless wars. As more people take this initiative these companies will continue to lose favor among investors. This could be a significant step in moving away from fossil fuels and combating climate change.

There is endless investment advice on the internet: what to buy, how to allocate your portfolio, and even the classic sign up now to find the next hot stock double your money fast! OK so the first lesson is don’t act on everything you read online. My goal is to help others create a portfolio of responsible investments based on their individual morals and objectives. I created this page to serve as the main index of everything I write about socially responsible investing.

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Updated 4/10/20