Life in Senegal

In September of 2018 I left on a life changing journey. I served as an agroforestry volunteer with the Peace Corps in Senegal. My rural village Koulari of 500 people became a second home. I tried new foods, experienced new customs, and began to understand the local languages. Unfortunately all Peace Corps volunteers were evacuated from their posts and my time in Senegal was cut short. Here you can find all the blog posts I wrote about my time in Senegal in chronological order, enjoy:


Time To Go!

The First Two Weeks

The Places I’ll Go

Culture Shock and Awe

Happy Holidays From Senegal


Peanuts and Proverbs

A Tale of Two Languages

Ants in my Pants

I Bless the Rains Down in Africa

Smaller Fish to Fry

Five Moringa Nutrition Facts

Koulari- My Little Village

9 Things I’m Glad I Packed for Peace Corps, and 2 Things I Didn’t Bring but Should Have

One Year Later


Ripped From Reality

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