Koulari- My Little Village

Koulari is my home in Senegal. It is a small village, so small it doesn’t appear on google maps. Small enough that most Senegalese do not even know about it. I always get confused responses when I tell people I live in Koulari. The nearest city is Tambacounda around 35km away. To get to Koulari … Continue reading Koulari- My Little Village

3 Key Points from the Latest Climate Report

I recently posted about how my village’s environment has changed over the past 30 years. Indeed humans are changing Earth's atmospheric makeup with reckless abandon. While it is in many polluter’s, and thus politician's, best economic interest to deny the effect we have on our environment, the 2019 UN “Climate Action and Support Trends” report … Continue reading 3 Key Points from the Latest Climate Report