One Year Later

Hard to believe I have been in Senegal for over a year. I have changed so much and not even realized it!

A couple weeks ago our region of Tambacounda held a camp for girls and their fathers. Each volunteer brought a girl and her dad from village. We had sessions on health, education, agriculture, and even a fashion show. The girls learned a lot and I think their dads were shown some new perspectives on women’s rights as well. The camp was a tremendous success and I was glad I could bring Binta from my village, giving her a chance to meet other girls and have fun.

Here is Binta learning about Simone Biles in a “Women Around the World” session

I got the opportunity last week to help train the group of new agriculture volunteers, arriving exactly one year after myself.

It was very strange being on the “other side” of training. People kept asking me questions of what to expect assuming I knew everything. The answer I wanted to give was always, “you’ll figure it out,” but we are supposed to be supportive so I tried to offer my experience and let them know everyone’s service is different.

After guest training I went to the capital Dakar to see people and pick up a new pair of glasses. Man that place is beautiful but expensive! Still cheap compared to the US but spending time there quickly eats through a volunteer’s pay.

A little beach is always good

The best part about Dakar is the FOOD. It is an amazingly multicultural place. We got American breakfast, Senegalese lunch, and Japanese dinner!

I missed sushi sooo much

I even went to a movie theatre and saw “It: Chapter 2”(still scary in French). Now it is back to my village to start my second year of work. I met an English teacher who wants to start an environmental education club so I look forward to working on that!

A quick snack on the beach before the movie

One thought on “One Year Later

  1. Congratulations on completing one year! We are very proud of the positive work you are doing. I truly enjoy reading your blog. The pictures are spectacular and make your story come to life! Mary Ellen an Mike


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